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October 15, 2013


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XPS 10.9.7 -- Ultimate UV Edition

Image by *xXFreakyUnderworldXx

The 1th image show the model released for previous XNALara/XPS versions.

The 2nd image demonstrate, how the model can be released for the new XPS 10.9.7 version.

Many thanks to the community for their support.

Download link latest Version…
The "New features request thread"…

XPS supports now models with  multiple UV sets !

How to create multiple UV sets ?…


What is NEW?

With previous XNALara/XPS versions, the diffuse map and the light/specularmap share the same UV-Map (winding-up created with unfold).

But, for example, some models have a mirrored UV map. If you want to add a Detail ... like a sticker, shadows or the blood ... on one side, then this decal also appears mirrored on the other side of the model ... because the UV map are mirrored.


The Character example from above:

In this issue, the character model from above, looks like this… -- No one want to release such a model. :(

With previous XNALara/XPS Versions, the porters have to create a complete new uv map and to repaint every texture from scratch. -- No one want to make such a effort.


With the new "XPS 10.9.7 Decal Edition", the porter can load the model in a 3D Editor ... attach a 2nd uv layer ... press  the unfold button to create the unmirrored uv map ... and paint the decal on this 2nd layer ... if the model does not already have these decals.

The Blender Export script save all this Information inside the .mesh.ascii file ... and XPS 10.9.7 can handle this informations. The result, the character model from above, looks like this…</a> ... the diffuse map are mirrored like before and the lightmap and specular map are unmirrored. Now the model Looks like "In game". :)


The Environment example from above:

The first model is released for XPS 10.9.6 without the shadows, because this shadows (AO map) needs a 2nd "non overlapping" UV layer.

The second model required XPS 10.9.7 which can handle this informations ... and looks very well.


Abstract :

XPS 10.9.7 allows to port Video game models with "multiple uv sets" ... without any effort for porters ... and with best render results.

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Chris-Redfield-2013 Featured By Owner Oct 22, 2013
Can I request something for future updates? When it comes to non-poseable props(bulidings, cars, ect.), can you have it where .mdl files are supported along with .mtl files?
XNAaraL Featured By Owner Oct 22, 2013

Sure, you can request something for future updates. Therfore, the descrition above, says: "The "New features request thread… " ;)


You means MDL the text-based image file format used by Warcraft 3 ????

xXFreakyUnderworldXx Featured By Owner Oct 18, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist

mir ist gerade aufgefallen, das bei dem Testmodel welches ich geschickt hatte der Alpha Channel nicht registriert wird wenn ich ein Bild mit transparentem Hintergrund speichere >< Gibt es die Möglichkeit AO/ Lightmap- basierten Alpha Channel auch mit transparentem Hintergrund zu speichern?
(Alpha befindet sich in der Lightmap/Ao map, nicht in der Diffuse)
xXFreakyUnderworldXx Featured By Owner Oct 19, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Ja ich schon wieder ><
Habe gerade nach einem alternativen Lösungsweg gesucht und bin über etwas gestolpert was vermutlich nicht behoben werden kann... dachte ich sag's trotzdem mal ><
Gibt es ine Möglichkeit, dass Lightmaps/ Ao maps nicht die Farbe der Reflektionen beeinflussen? Wenn ich eine schwarz-weisse Specular Map zu einem Model mit brauner Lightmap hinzufüge dann scheint das Modell in braun  und nicht mehr schwarz weiss ><

Ich denke mal das ist irgendwo im Shader, weshabl ich nicht denke, dass man das irgendwie beheben kann... lass es aber trotzdem mal hier falls doch xD
XNAaraL Featured By Owner Oct 20, 2013

Right, specular maps are textures which define (per pixel) the intensity and color  of the light reflected off the given surface.

Solution for this issue, convert the specular map to a grayscale image.


Right, XNALara/XPS required the alpha channel always on the diffuse map. This is hardcoded…


Save the Image 2 times without alpha channel. The first time, choose a background color RGB 0,255,255. The 2nd time, choose as background color 255,0,0

Now, you can load both Images as layer in Photoshop/Gimp and blend the layers with the blend mode "difference". On this way, you have a alpha mask.

xXFreakyUnderworldXx Featured By Owner Oct 21, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Ich weiss über die Spec map Sache bescheid. Was ich meinte ist,.dass eine rote lightmap den Schein trotz grayscale spec map rot macht.
Dies sieht man am Beispiel Model welches ich für die uv Kanal Sache geschickt hatte.
(das hauptlicht in xps auf schwarz mit voller Intensität stellen. Dann sieht man nur den effekt der spec map. Und auch das die rote ao map den Schein einfärbt)
AlexFly Featured By Owner Oct 18, 2013
A new version already ? Woot ! Great work ! :clap: :heart:
XNAaraL Featured By Owner Oct 18, 2013

Thanks a lot.


BTW: The next Version is "under construction". If you want to be a "Beta Tester" ... and if you like this new feature… ;)

AlexFly Featured By Owner Oct 18, 2013
GearionOverrule Featured By Owner Oct 17, 2013
I'm REALLY trying to understand this feature, but even with all the explanations presented, I can't. DX

Which is a shame, because if it can help me bake AO on scenery, I could really use this feature on stuff like this:…
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